What Are The Most Popular Wooden Speaker Systems in 2022

Most Popular Wooden Speaker Systems

Making speakers with good sound and performance is not an easy task but is a blend of art and science. If you set out to buy speaker systems today, you will find every kind of material used in making the speaker enclosures. While most modern speakers use plastic, aluminum, or even steel, there are some valid points behind why wood is the preferred material to make the boxes.

Making the perfect enclosure

An effective enclosure does minimum distortion and maximum amplification of the sound. part of the design of the loudspeaker is its enclosure which is as important as the driver. The features of a speaker are measured by both the design and material. The best material for making the enclosure is dense, rigid, and non-resonant.

Why is wood the best choice for speakers?

Wood is preferred over plastic and steel materials by speaker manufacturers for a wide array of reasons. Wood has natural acoustic properties and is non-resonant, which results in minimal distortion. It has a high density and has been used for many centuries to amplify a clearer and richer sound in different musical instruments – from guitar to huge pianos. It has the natural strength and stiffness that is required. A speaker enclosure made well with wood will sound good naturally. The number of reflections in wood is less than in plastic or metal. It is not very heavy and can be curated into different shapes. The only catch to transforming the wood into the shape of a speaker is that it takes expertise to produce the best-sounding products.

Most Popular Wooden Speaker Systems

The best wooden speakers

The list of wooden speaker products is broad that includes portable audio systems perfect for travel. The long list also has bison horn smartphone accessories and audio extensions. Whether you are a big fan of naturally crafted tech devices or a music buff, you will enjoy the bold wooden speakers. Below are some of the best wooden speakers of 2022.

  • Houd passive speakers

These are made from sustainably sourced Columbian wood and make the sound of your device much louder. These just don’t simplify but deliver a complete experience that works with iPhone or iPad. What is more is that they look fantastic in a bedroom setting, office, or living area due to their elegant design.

  • Motz Dog wooden speaker

These speakers are super cute and friendly and are one of the best ways to introduce younger kids to the technology and music players.

  • Kendall portable speaker

Adding slight music in the background while spending time with friends and family can create a comfortable and positive environment. Kendall portable speaker is made from wood and looks similar to the 60s radio. It has features like Bluetooth wireless connectivity and rechargeable batteries of lithium ions.

  • Blumenstein Ultra Fi

If you are in search of a new speaker set, stop searching as Blumenstein Ultra Fi has a lot to offer. Every speaker has a unique look with the finished working of wood. The company can also tailor the speakers according to the needs of the individual at reasonable rates.

Some other wooden speaker systems are The Uzu Series Speakers and the iBOX XC among others. Invest in wooden speakers to get the best out of your money.